Private Pilates Classes
Private Classes are one-on-one training sessions that provide the fastest way to look and feel the difference. Work one-on-one on a full range of Pilates equipment and learn at a pace that is right for you.**

60 Minutes:  $50

90 Minutes:  $75


FST Sessions*

Stretch Sessions take place at Creekside Pilates Studio, located at 120 Creekside Terrace, Boerne Texas.**

45 Minutes:  $50


* Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) Sessions
FST Sessions are one-on-one stretch sessions that consist of m
olding and reshaping fascia (connective tissue) and muscle through assisted stretching. 

Stretching fascia and muscle creates a permanent change in the tissue which you can feel immediately and with each session feel longer lasting results. By stretching fascia and the muscle, you are able to stretch more tissue in a shorter period of time as opposed to performing traditional stretching (muscle by muscle).

FST is so unique is because of its affect on the nervous system. It  allows the client to relax using modified PNF (contract-release) which brings the body into a parasympathetic state allowing the tissue to release without pain or effort. Applying PNF builds strength in the fascia and muscle from a "core" level and begins the process of retraining the tissue to "fire" properly. One of the fastest ways to release a muscle is to contract it (3 to 5 contractions should release a muscle within 15 seconds compared to traditional methods of holding a stretch which takes 3 minutes).

The FST system will help you achieve your goals of optimal health or athletic performance.

**All classes and sessions must be scheduled in advance and require a 24 hour notice of cancellation.